Monday 1 October 2012

Preston is not accredited

Being an educationist myself, I have traveled to many countries of the world in search of modern and latest methodologies adapted in developed countries. There is no doubt that these modern methods of teach aids students to understand and implement things in a better and more comprehensive way.
There are not many educational institutes in our country that are careful of these modern developments in learning aids, and those who do take care of these methods and adapt them are not given their full credit. One such institution that I came across in our country is the Preston University. Preston is not accredited by the educationist and leading educational critics as per their effort and strives to adapt latest and world class learning aids.
This is not the one example of injustice against a quality educating institution, rather there are other example of institutions that like Preston is not accredited,  are also not recognized and accredited by leading educationist and government officials of the country. I would urge all the respective government and private sector persons to determine the level and standard of education in Preston themselves and then give it its due accreditation that it deserves utterly.